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PC-BASE cash registers

Release Time:2020-04-13

POS machine, by more than 486 computer host, 9-inch display, cash box, high-speed printers, standard keyboard and other components, with standard computer interface. Also known as PC-BASE cash registers, and its hardware base is the basic components of general-purpose computers, the use of international norms, standardized procedures.
As the hardware can well support the system software and meet the needs of various applications, in particular, can be used more mature Chinese character system, to achieve the national standard font input, display, print and so on. The third type of cash register has a common interface to the computer, you can connect a variety of networks, there are special interfaces for business environments, such as magnetic card reader, cash box, bar code reader peripheral interface, also has a dedicated business environment Keyboard, and each button can be redefined. As the application environment is complex, its anti-jamming capability requirements, durability and other aspects far higher than the general computer.