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Smart cash register two advantages

Release Time:2020-04-13

a sense of science and technology, light does not occupy the area
Traditional cash register bulky, bulky, covers an area of power consumption, and sometimes no matter how much noise is not beautiful, smart cash register small footprint, a sense of science and technology, placed in the store cashier can improve the overall grade of the shop, especially Vice screen shows the wonderful advertising video (picture) can make people shines, the following picture shows my shop real shot:
 the Internet to provide all the play
The boss is most concerned about the situation of revenue, hoping to analyze what products to sell, how much to sell, when the need to purchase, probably need to enter the number. Most of the traditional cash register can not do this, if some of the system with cloud services each year need to charge, the annual conversion down at least a thousand dollars, and happy SAAS services and data, profit statistics, inventory management, chain Store management are available to the use of smart cash register shop free of charge.