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Recommended smart cash register

Release Time:2020-04-13

The reason is as follows:
1. Perfect design, a sense of science and technology;
2. No need to install, save trouble;
3. Small size, no place to children, built-in printer;
4. Full-featured, member marketing, Invoicing management, data statistics readily available, offline can also receive cash;
5. High resolution, touch sensitive, the screen response speed, speed up the cash register to improve efficiency;
The following is my traditional cash register and smart cash register after using some of the experience of contrast:
boot-ready, simple and convenient:
Traditional cash register in general need to install the system, the general time spent more than two hours, the need for professional operations, business needs to be carefully trained to understand the operation process, and intelligent cash register machine itself has installed the operating software, functional modules at a glance, even if 0 can also be used immediately.