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Introduce two folded cash drawers

Release Time:2020-04-13

Black Folding Money Tray for Cash Drawer
  This money tray is a kind of part for cash drawer, especially for our JY-410 series, it is removable and replaced by another part, besides, it can also fold it up when the tray is full of cash, which is convenient for portable use.
1. Made of durable ABS plastic
2. Feature all steel money clips and springs
3. Coin slots have slits underneath to let debris fall through
Spring Loaded Metal Clip for Cash Drawer
This is the metal clips specifically for the cash drawers, as the part of the till, it helps to hold the bill in the bill trays. With its beautiful spring and stainless steel, this part is the essential part of cash drawer of various kinds, easy and durable for use and cheap.