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The world's earliest cash register was made

Release Time:2020-04-13

The world's earliest cash register was made in 1879 by the United States of America, and the John Liddy brothers made by Jennifer Liddy and the United States, whose function only achieved business records and supervised the misconduct of the employer. By the late sixties, with the rapid development of electronic technology, Japan took the lead in the successful development of the electronic cash register (ECR), electronic cash register invention has epoch-making significance, its technical performance and business functions far more than the prototype of the institutional cash Cash registers, with intelligent, network multi-functional features, as in the commercial sales of labor management, accounting management, commodity management and effective tools and means.
To the mid-eighties, the powerful business-specific terminal system (POS) generated, as the third generation of cash registers, POS and ECR's biggest difference is that it has a direct immediate account of the characteristics of a strong online real-time processing capacity, POS integrates computer hardware and software to form an intelligent, business workstation that can work independently or in a network environment.