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The product introduction of the money box

Release Time:2020-04-13

A: the product has A fine appearance and small size. It can be used in combination with the market ticket printer.

    B: the key can be used independently after power failure.

    C: it is convenient for the wallet to be handled with wire.

    D: the coin part can be separated easily and the bottom can also be placed with the invoice slot.

    3 money box: 1 key can be opened, 2 can be driven by small ticket machine or the box drive box "need to buy separately" even computer, 3 lock.

    Large enough to be strong enough to use a check mouth to easily plug bills and so on.

    Layout: 5 notes 3 COINS (adjustable spacing for each block) 2 pieces of zero coin.

    Coin box can take out high-grade steel wire money clip beautiful and firm.