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How does the drive print set the money box to pop up

Release Time:2020-04-13

Often, the user will use the driver printing, the small ticket comes out, but the money box does not pop up, mainly because the driver is not set up, the specific method is as follows:

    1. Click the start menu bar -- control panel -- equipment and printer (XP system is the equipment and fax machine);

    2. Find the good driver installation, right-click the drive, first to choose the printing preferences, as shown in figure 1, find/quality 】 【 paper, choose the media, set up the play money, then click on the application, click ok to: as shown in figure 2:

    3. Due to the different receipts machine drive, if printing preferences without setting coffers, please right click on the install good driver, select printer properties, as shown in figure 3, and then click on the "device Settings", find the box set, you can see money is not set, click Settings play coffers, choose the way to pop up, click on the application, and then click ok, as shown in figure 5:

    3. EPSON

    Model: EPSON TM-T82II Receipt5.

    Right-click on the printer driver and select print preferences - peripherals - currency paper box or currency paper box and built-in buzzer remember to click apply save.

    EPSON model TM - T58

    Please retry the above Settings.

    Remark: please note whether the line of the money box and ticket machine is connected well. Please try again. Besides, don't lock the money box.