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How about the small ticket printer

Release Time:2020-04-13

 The money box must be matched with the printer in order to be used normally. The printer must have a cash box signal interface. Operating system Windows, can choose parallel port, serial printer. First, connect the signal line on the money box to the printer's box signal interface, then install the printer's Windows driver. After the driver successfully installed, configure the printer.

    1. The money box cannot be opened.

    Check to see if the printer has been opened, and whether there is paper inside (the paper should be put properly) because the money box is controlled by the printer. Check whether the line of the money box has been attached to the printer. The above work can not solve the problem, open the start menu - set, enter the printer setup interface - basic Settings - print the money box after printing, whether it has been enabled, if not, please enable.

    2. The ticket machine cannot be printed.

    Check whether the ticket machine is connected correctly to the POS machine, and whether the switch has been opened. If the connection is normal, please check whether the drive of the system is properly installed. To install the driver can't solve the problem, open the start menu - devices and printers, in setting up the printer interface to view the current driver set the paper size and paper size is the same (driver setting support page size should be the same as the inside of the printer paper size).