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How to use computer command to open the box

Release Time:2020-04-13

1. Different POS machines have different instructions to open the money box.
    2. The common money box is used with the paper printer, and the back of the general bill printer has the driver interface of the money box.
    Connect the RJ11 connector of the money box (similar to a telephone line) to the driving interface on the back of the ticket printer, and the general bill printing.
    The machine is connected to the COM port or LPT port, and then sends a signal through the software to COM or LPT, so that it can be opened.
    The cashbox.
    3. For example, the STAR ticket printer is connected to LPT1 and the driving instruction is:
    4. For example, EPSON and tp-pos58 note printer are connected to LPT1 port.
    Software description:
    This resource includes the driver of the money box and the opening procedure.
    Installation instructions: first install the Driver of the money box converter, i.e., double-click the pl-2303 Driver to install the Driver.
    Install the driver before using USB transfer lines to connect the computer and the coffers, then you will be prompted to find new hardware, right click on my computer, open the "management", and then open the "device manager", can be viewed from the Port to another Port, general for Prolific USB - to Serial Comm Port (COM3), g generally this Port is to open the box to use the Port.
    Open the open box program and select COM3 on the port.