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Why can't the checkout counter be opened automatically

Release Time:2020-04-13

First, there is a problem with printer printing.
    Second, there is no automatic opening of the money box in the system program.
    Third, the software enables small ticket printers and money boxes.
    Fourth, the money box lock may be locked, use the key to unlock.
    Fifth, the system software has the problem, does not support automatic opening the money box.
    Sixth, maybe the printer is out of paper.
    Seventh, the connection between the money box and the printer is wrong.
    The cash register can't open the solution automatically:
    Connect the coffers of the line behind the corresponding receipts on the socket, and then "start" - "devices and printers" find double-click to open the corresponding receipts machine, as shown in the "printer" menu click on "properties".
    2. Find the "device Settings", if not, is in the "regular" - are also found in the preferences 】 【 opened, this is not enabled by default the box, select an item you can enable the box, small part marking machine drive, this is not the same.